Once again, I have gotten massively distracted by a lot of stuff. Nothing of any bearing to write about on my religious blog, but if you read my LiveJournal you’ve probably seen my whining.

I’ve recently, inspired by my girlfriend, made up a personal list of days of the month that I’ve assigned to various deities whom I worship. I’m using the lunar month, and am still in the early part of the first month for me, so it’ll be a bit of trial and error.

I’ve been heavily pondering for a few weeks now, depersonalization and its effects on me and how it colors my view of the world, the gods, religion, spirtuality etc (I know, I haven’t written about this here before so it’s a bit nonsequitor if you don’t also read my LJ. I’m slowly working on trying to write something about this and how it affects how I see the gods. Still in the idea stage.) This is also leading to a bit of poetry.

Also think I’m finally getting some inspiration to write an article/essay-ish thing on Apollo and how I see him that I’ve been wanting to do for quite a long time now.  I’m happy for this, and am tentatively referring to it in my head as “Shadows Behind The Light”.

So some things are massively changing in my life- most particularly, right now, my job. I’m going to be going back to a regular Monday-Friday 8-hour-a-day work schedule instead of the crazy 3-day/40-hour schedule I’vew been doing for over two years now. I’m not really happy about it in a lot of ways, but I think it will end up being a good thing for me, and my main hope is that it helps me get my religious activities back on track because I’ll be able to have a normal, regular sleep/work schedule, and therefore will have time for myself every day. Evey day, imagine that! My current position affors me a lot of open time but it’s always with the possibility of incoming work over my head, at any second I can get a call or email that can take anywhere from a few seconds to to or three hours to deal with.  (Five to fifteen minutes is the norm, anything more than half an hour is rare.) But now, time. At home. Mine. Glorious time! Woohoo!

Yes, I do hope that this will be a good thing. I hope to e able to update more. (I hope to have more to write) I hope to be able to figure out what the hell I’m doing here. I hope for a lot of things. We shall see.