I’ve continued on my little spree of making things for the gods, mostly jewelry. I’m going to try to take some pictures tomorrow, as my poor-quality camera phone seems to do a lot better in daylight than in indoor lighting, but I thought I’d write a little about what I’ve done and what I want to do anyway.

Aside from the previously-posted bracelet for Dionysus, I’ve made…

-A necklace for but Apollo and Dionysus: two twisted strands, one of rhyolite, one of citrine chips. When I was looking at them in the store, I was just thinking they’d look really nice together. And then, I suddenly thought “Ooh, something for Apollo and Dionysus together!” Just as Gavin looked at them and said “Apollo and Dionysus?”

I need to get back to more exploration of my ideas of these two being so closely related…

-A bracelet for Apollo, specificly Hyperborean Apollo, of citrine chips and little Larvikite spheres. Larvikite is one of the stones I’ve come to associate with Apollo (I think I’ll be making a post on the stones that I associate with him in the near future, so I’ll save my explaination) Since Larvikite isn’t a very well-known stone, here is a picture the beas that I have are more of a silvery-grey color than that in the picture, but I do have a couple of tumbled pieces that have this steel blue color.

-a necklace for Selene/ the moon, Helios/the sun, the stars and the sky- this is made from blue lace agate beads- they kinda look like a daytime sky with clouds, sunstone and peach moonstone chips for the sun and moon (I picked peach moonstone for color symetry with the sunstone, it looked better than white moonstone) and aqua-blue apatite chips for the stars- this was chosen mostly arbitrarily, heavily influenced by the fact that I liked the way it looked with the other beads.

I’ve also decided that I’m going to make some little jewelry boxes to keep the pieces in. Michael’s sells a variety of wooden boxes in different sizes and designs that you can paint or otherwise adorn. I’m definitely going to make one separately for Apollo, and probably one more for everything else for now.

I will also continue making more jewelry as the inspiration strikes me, and as I have the funds. I have decided that I am going to turn the two-stranded prayer beads that I made some time ago for Apollo into a necklace. As they are, they just aren’t very good for a lot of handling, and I’ve noticed that I’ve taken to wrapping them around my hand and twining them in my fingers, and for that, I will need something sturdier. I would have liked to make something involving each of the seven stones that I associate with Apollo (Larvikite, champagne citrine, rutilated quartz, sunstone, iolite, red garnets and dark blue tourmaline) but blue tourmaline, while easy enough to find, would be absolutely cost-prohibitive to use for the sort of design that I’d like to come up with (actually, I’ve never seen the sort of beads I’d like to use- smooth-polished spheres, in tourmaline. I don’t think that sort of thign works so well with the crystaline structure.) I’m hoping to come up with another stone that could substitute for tourmaline so I could have seven but I’m not worrying terribly over it right now.