…or something like that anyway. Mark Morrison, I am not. But I’ve had Return of the Mack stuck in my head since a few days before that last brief post and decided to use it to bring my blog back from the obscurity of time.

Six years next month since I last used this blog, and even longer since I posted on any regular basis. A lot has happened in that time, not the least of it being moving from one coast to the other. Twice. Some of you may recall that I and my roommate moved from Baltimore to Eugene, Oregon back on 2010. That quickly flopped. Eugene is not the town for unrepentant urban dwellers, nor is it a great place to get a job if your primary work is in technology. Eight months later, I was offered a job in Portland where we lived until one month ago today when we hopped on a train bound for Sacramento. (No, we didn’t move to Sacramento but funny thing, haha. Amtrak has no trains directly from Portland to Providence, Rhode Island so we had to go an indirect route.)

Years ago, I believe it was 2002, one rainy morning in early April, I got off the train in Providence and spent about five hours here. I fell in love with its odd streets, weird angles and conflicting architecture. I almost moved here about a year later but it fell through and I would up in Baltimore instead. I never quite let go of my infatuation with the place and when we decided to leave Portland, we quickly agreed that Providence was the place to go and so far, I think we made the right choice.

Our stuff arrived just a few days ago. As I write this, there is a blood orange and teakwood candle burning on a half-assembled bookshelf, along with a stick of green tea incense. The candle was purchased in Portland and used for a few rituals over the last couple of months but not much else, as it is rather strongly scented and our apartment in Portland was very small and without air flow. There was an unexpected power in removing the lid and being hit with the odor, plus the sight of half-burned bay leaves, rose petals and barley grains sticking out of the wax. I’d been contemplating how to get started here again, how to reintroduce myself after having so eloquently announcing my return.

I’m not sure what this blog is going to become. A lot of things have changed immensely since I started it years ago. I just know that I’ve missed writing for it, writing for Him. I’m feeling a pull to take a deep dive into JSTOR and write about what I find- It’s been a long time since I’ve done that too. I also have writing projects that I haven’t touched in years but still consider “open”. We’ll see where this goes.

I’m not going to commit to a posting schedule- adjusting to life in a new city and looking for a job makes that difficult.

This re-intro has been about me, yes. But I intend to bring you plenty Apollo in your blog-reading future. New Jack Swing earworms are optional.