Yesterday being the Summer Solstice, I wanted to celebrate. But I had to work. I’d already attended a Solstice ritual held on Saturday, so I did have a religious observance. Yesterday I made the best of it and spent my down time reading an academic article on an appropriate subject:

Apollo, Helios, and the Solstices in the Athenian, Delphian, and Delian Calendars
Bilić, Tomislav, Numen, 59, 509-532 (2012), DOI:

I’ve not fully digested all information yet, and I want to read some more of his cited sources myself (much of which comes from Burkert’s Greek Religion, a book we all know and love and of which two copies dwell in my house.)

Today, I was off and we ended up taking a stroll across town to Whole Foods. The first thing I saw when walking in the door was a bunch of brilliant orange roses, right there just waiting to be bought and offered. And so I did just that. Tonight they are offered on my shrine. The candle is burning and incense is smoldering.