Inspired by my post Songs for the God of Song, I was just looking over my iPod playlists and I see that I’ve got a good collection of music that either reminds me of various gods, or was written for them. I believe in promoting good music, and I know that other people are interested in music for the gods, so I wanted to post a list of what I’ve got. It’s pretty long already for a post, and will no doubt grow in time so I’m giving it its own page to make it more manageable and readable. I’ve got two subsets here- songs that are obviously inspired by/written for a particular deity and songs that remind me of a particular deity, no matter why they were actually written. The division is pretty subjective- most of the music in the first category is actually named for the god in question. Most of the music in the second is not. I’ll try to keep it in alphabetical order by god name.

Note: this will be an ongoing work. For now, I have song titles and artists. I eventually hope to add album titles and links to artists sites wherever I can.

Inspired by/written for a particular god


  • Aphrodite– Kelly Andrew Kaveny
  • Afrodite– Gallo / Tânia Maya
  • Aphrodite– Theophilos


  • Apollo– Kelly Andrew Kaveny
  • Apollo’s Gaze– Miriam Marston
  • The Oracle of Apollo– Vangelis
  • Temple of Apollo– Pamela and Randy Copus


  • Ares– Break Dawn
  • Ares– Kelly Andrew Kaveny


  • Artemis- Kelly Andrew Kaveny
  • Ártemis- Gallo / Tânia Maya


  • Asteria– Michel Saugy


  • Athena– Kelly Andrew Kaveny
  • Atena– Gallo / Tânia Maya


  • Demeter– Kelly Andrew Kaveny


  • Eris– Squaremeter


  • Hephaestus– Kelly Andrew Kaveny


  • Hera- Kelly Andrew Kaveny
  • Hera- Theophilos


  • Hermos– Kelly Andrew Kaveny


  • Héstia – Gallo / Tânia Maya
  • Hestia– Kelly Andrew Kaveny


  • Hypnos– Squaremeter

The Moirae

  • Atropos– Squaremeter
  • Klotho– Squaremeter
  • Lachesis– Squaremeter

The Muses

  • Calliope– As The Poets Affirm
  • Clio– As The Poets Affirm
  • Erato– As The Poets Affirm
  • Melpomene’s Song from Helicon– Vicki Delor
  • Polyhymnia– As The Poets Affirm
  • Thalia– As The Poets Affirm


  • Nemesis– Squaremeter


  • Poseidon– Kelly Andrew Kaveny


  • Selene On The Dark Side Of The Moon– Moonbooter


  • Thanatos– Break Dawn
  • Thanatos– Squaremeter


  • Zeus– Kelly Andrew Kaveny
  • Zeus– Theophilos

Songs that remind me of gods (Note: this is highly subjective, especially where Apollo is concerned. I expect that a lot of folks will wonder why on earth I would associate a song like Breaking Point or Dreaming Blade with him. But, well, your clichéd mileage may vary.)


  • Maria– Blondie


  • Alpha– Airlock
  • Before I Walk On Fire– Sophie B. Hawkins
  • Breaking Point– The Moody Blues
  • Dreaming Blade– Rhea’s Obsession
  • Gravity– Vienna Teng
  • I Dare You– Shinedown
  • Kyrie– Mr. Mister
  • Momentum– Vienna Teng
  • The Other Side Of Life– The Moody Blues
  • Quiet Hour– Airlock
  • Sky– Violet Indiana


  • Breaking Point– The Moody Blues
  • Dionysus Child– Gideon Smith And The Dixie Damned
  • Here Comes The Weekend– The Moody Blues
  • One Wild Night– Bon Jovi
  • The Other Side Of Life– The Moody Blues


  • Ladies and Gentlemen– Saliva


  • Mercury- Heidi Berry
  • Prayer for the Dying- Seal


  • In The Arms of Sleep– Smashing Pumpkins
  • Sleep– Imogen Heap
  • Sleep– Plumb


  • Secret Life– Thriving Ivory


  • Cool Change– Little River Band
  • Endymion Sleeps– Scarlet’s Well
  • Naked Sleep– Anggun