Here, I have collected my various poems, hymns and prayers for Hellenic gods other than Apollo, along with some notes on my writing.


Gatekeeper Invocation (This was written for Cedarlight Grove’s 2008 Autumn Equinox ritual)

Lord of two vines who destroys and regenerates,
come to us.
God of the grape, come to us.
God of the ivy, come to us.
Thrice-born son of Zeus
Who knows Olympus and Earth and the underworld,
come to us.
As slowly through time, the ivy crumbles walls and foundations,
come to us
As quickly as the aged nectar of your abundant grapes
breaks down inhibitions and loosens tongues,
come to us.
Bearing your torches, come to us.
Protector of the ways, come to us.
Dionysus, come to us.

In Delaware

How do I retain my judgment when
He walks beside me in this synesthesiac
landscape where every blinking light
illuminates temptation
and every breath I take is a drug?
Where do I draw the line- or do I
When everywhere I turn is forbidden fruit, poison
candy and toxic kisses
And all of it is mine if I just reach out and take it;
How do I see clearly when I’ve landed
in my dreams and nightmares?
Soot-stained and bug-bitten
I tiptoe the razor line between
vision and hallucination
And creep a little closer to the fire at his whisper.
His voice tastes like sushi and habanero peppers
and looks like techno pulsing behind my eyes
blue pink and green
Nearly reckless, nearly careless not quite
all here, not quite all gone
His touch sounds like flame so hot it burns
just to look
Feels like a dream of madness and
smells like vertigo: a little sweet, a little
sickening, a little smoky
Too perfect to leave, too transient to remember
I can’t escape but I’ll be gone
the day after tomorrow.

Untitled (This poem appears in Biblioteca Alexandrina’s Written In Wine: A Devotional Anthology for Dionysus)

Wine pulsates through my veins
only sips, but in your presence
spread like a fire
and mix with inhaled heavy incense smoke
dizzying disorienting
your appearance lucid and aloof
unreasonably civilized
I watch and wait
constantly aware,
grapevine wraps my wrists
tight and cutting to hold
or loosely to remind
you are there, control
is yours
and I am wondering
what I’m waiting for
and what you’re up to
behind your eyes
void of expression.


Invocation to Helios (This was written for Cedarlight Grove’s 2008 Summer Solstice ritual)

Son of Hyperion, you race across the sky driven by fire-winged stallions,
Brother of Dawn and Moon, your flashing eyes are seen from afar
All-seeing, all-hearing watcher, you witness the most solemn oaths of mortals
and punish those who dishonor their word.
Dazzling god who can blind men or restore sight lost,
Ruler of the year coursing through the zodiac’s houses,
Rescuer of Hephaestos from Phlegra’s battlefield,
Diurnal light, you shine upon the earth, giving life to all beings.

Today we mark the longest day,
when your flight across the heavens is slowest,
when your time spent in the land of eternal darkness,
beyond the rising and setting sun is shortest;
As you are all seeing, so you see us gathered.

Shining Titan, brilliant god of freedom,
saviour, child of sight and clear blue sky,
You are always above.



Moving on again, the stranger glances
back at the edge of town,
studies the sky,
then looks to the horizon.
Absently, he adjusts his cap
and ties his shoelace then rifles through his pack
until he finds what he needs
and tosses it on the ground.
Briefly, he studies this carefully-planned
appearance of carelessness.
Vaguely amused with himself, a ghost of smile
momentarily turns up the corners of his lips.

Movement catches his eye and at the roadside,
he notices a tortoise peeking out from its shell.
He nods, no need to bother this one:
the lyre has already been invented.
And besides, keeping the cattle would only have tied him
to a farm.

Satisfied, he pulls his coat a little tighter around him
and gives one last quick look at the discarded trinket-
an unremarkable key- to what lock, it doesn’t much matter.
He hurries away down the road, wanting to be gone from sight-
the recipient of his little present will be along shortly to find it,
will not know yet what it means
or who it’s from.
But his target will recognize it for a gift
and follow in search
of the traveler who left it.


Polyhymnia Fades

She had such a sad face, the one who was
taken for granted
What was she to do once she had served her purpose?
So she retreats and returns,
obliging when called again to sing
the Glories of other Gods her own
name fades from presence her task
complete, her words preserved in the cover
of the work of a mere mortal- he never knew what
it cost her to always remember the others,
never to be remembered as one Herself
lost in the shadows of the Others
forgotten again, she fades away.


An Open Invitation from Tartarus

Dear Sinner,
Won’t you come dwell in my stormy pit,
far below Gaia’s deepest depths?
I have tortures here
you could never imagine
and an eternity in which
to inflict them upon your soul.
My gift to you for your crimes,
and I am most pleased to give it.
Drop in any time, I have a place
already reserved just for you.
No need to call ahead.


Prayer to Zeus, Bringer of Storms

Hail Zeus, Labrandeus, whose furious storms race across the sky!
Hail Zeus, Skotitos, whose swirling clouds gather and darken the sky!
Hail Zeus, Keraunios whose crashing thunder echoes through the sky!
Hail Zeus, Astrapaios whose flash of lightning tears the sky!
Hail Zeus, Ombrios whose falling rain pours down from the sky!
Hail Zeus, Euenemos whose fair winds come again to clear the sky!

Multiple Gods

The Day
The last moments of night pass in stillness,
all is calm in the darkest hour.
The world, asleep, save those who stir
under the star-dotted cloak of Nyx

The moments slip away unnoticed as the brightest star
ascends the heavens:
Eosphoros, herald of the dawn begins to climb
and the grey wolf-light, twilight of morning
breaks on the horizon.

In the morning-star’s wake,
a sliver of red light breaks the grey,
reaches higher, red becoming rosy, then golden;
Eos, light-bringer, flies forth,
borne on dawn’s wings from the river Okeanos.

The eastern horizon brightens as the dark cloak of night fades;
Stars lay to rest, washed out by the waking day.

Now following the far-reaching fingers of dawn,
four white stallions on fire-wings venture forth
racing acrosss the sky, trailed by a golden chariot.
Purple-clad Helios, eyes flashing, brilliant-crowned
drives his team through the day’s hours
bringing light to the Earth.

They fly higher, growing brighter,
now riding at their course’s peak,
now slowly beginning the descent as the light fades
sinking to the realm of the Hesperides
in the far western reaches
of the vast river encircling the earth

Nyx begins again to traverse the sky,
star-cloaked woman, night-winged bird
slips silently from the east
as golden light deepends to red and falls from sight

Trailing the edge of darkness, a silver glow takes flight
Moon-crowned Selene, drawn by winged oxen sails silently
amidst the stars, casting pale rays down at the shadowed earth,
pauses in her travels to steal a kiss from sleeping Endymion,
then begins her slow decline
as the last moments of night pass in stillness,
all is calm in the darkest hour.
The world, asleep, save those who stir
under the star-dotted cloak of Nyx

The moments slip away unnoticed as the brightest star
ascends the heavens:
Eosphoros, herald of the dawn begins to climb
and the grey wolf-light, twilight of morning
breaks on the horizon.


These hymns, I am including separately because its easier to organize them numerically than by name. There are a few details on one or two of them that are…not really accurate. I was clearly confusing one deity with another in a few cases. I will eventually be rewriting those.

If these sound at all familiar, it’s because the writing style is based on HG Evelyn-White’s English translation of the hymns.

Hymn #17 To Dionysus

I begin to sing of manic, roaring Dionysus who holds Delphi in The Shining One’s Hyperborean absence.

In the cold winter months, you come bringing your wine and wild abandon. You inspire your followers, by night, to give themselves over to liberation in the hands of intoxication. The aged nectar of your sweet grapes drives them to raging in forests, fields and hillsides to touch unspeakable mysteries which none but you can reveal.

You break the bounds between mortality and immortality: torn to pieces by the Titans, you have crossed the threshold at the end to return again to the beginning. Shattering more boundaries, you ventured to the dead in search of Semele, slain by the true face of Zeus and brought her back to Olympus: Thyone, your mother, immortalized.

Clad in skins and bearing torches, your worshipers dance in whirling frenzy. The reveling horde gains momentum and spurs itself on through the night with you at its core, a spectacle of madness in orbit around the lord of ecstasy.

Hail to you, god of freedom! I pray that you be generous with your blessings!

Hymn #16 To Poseidon
I will sing of the earth-shaking Poseidon, son of Cronus, brother of Thundering Zeus. Dark-haired mighty land-rumbler, your quakes cause the mountains to be born, their jagged new peaks thrusting towards the sky while old ones shatter and fall. Great Lord of the sea which dashes against rocky cliffs and laps the sandy shore, your strength can crush a ship to splinters or cradle it upon your rolling waves.

It is in your honor that voyagers make sacrifice, that you may protect them as they cross your vast expanses and with your blessings, colonists sent forth by the Far-Shooter may reach new lands unharmed.

Hail to you, Poseidon, who rules the harsh and gentle seas! I pray that you will grant honor to my song.

Hymn #15 To Selene

Of moon-crowned Selene, I begin my song. Silvery light piercing the darkness, lover of Endymion, mother of months: you sail silently across the sky, casting soft rays on the sleeping Earth, watching over the shadowy world.

Hail to you, goddess who rides with the moon on her brow! I will remember you in another song.

Hymn #14 to Helios

Fair-voiced Muses, sing of bright Helios, dazzling god of the sun, brilliantly-rayed. You bring lfe-sustaining light to the Earth. Without you, all would be barren.

Son of Hyperion blazing brightly, crowned in fire with the power to blind or heal, hail to you all-seeing, all-hearing god! I pray be generous with your blessings.

Hymn #13 To Eos

I beging my song to Eos, winged dawn: heralded by the morning star, you break through the darkness, rosy then golden. Mother of the Winds and Planets, you dwell by night in your palace beyond the eastern edge of the River Okheanos.

Goddess of first light, I will remember you and another song as well.

Hymn # 12 To Athena

Sing sweet-voiced Muse of the owl-eyed goddess, most skilled weaver of splendid tapestries, favored daughter of Zeus, you triumphed over Poseidon to hold the city of Athens and the right to its name. Your gift of olive trees to mankind is unmatched, its uses countless.

Goddess of strength, savior, defender,  sharp-eyed keeper of the city, under your protection, citizens flourish and warriors are victorious in battle.
Hail to Athena, glorious goddess! I will remember you and another song as well.

Hymn #11: To Leto, Artemis and Apollo (Also appears here.)

Fair-voiced Muses, sing of modest Leto and her divine children. Of she who is most gentle of all Olympians, loved by Zeus, dark-robed mother who traveled far, veiled one who goes unseen. Daughter of shining Phoibe, you, twin-bearing goddess are revered among motals!

And of Artemis, huntress of the forest, clad in saffron tunic, you whom no man may possess. Attended by nymphs, you roam free, unhindered by domestic bonds, protecting your wild lands and dancing with the Muses on Olympus.

and of Apollo of the lyre and silver bow, oracle-giving lord of Delphi, most beautiful of the gods, your gifts are many. You grant true visions and lead the muses in heavenly song as you pluck clear notes from your lyre.

To you, Leto, Artemis and Apollo, gentle mother and archer twins, hail! I seek your blessings and honor to my song.

Hymn # 10 To Hermes the Clever One

Of fleet-footed Hermes I begin my song, clever one born of Maia who devised many genius inventions. Swiftly, your winged sandals bear you between the realms of Zeus and Hades and mortal man, carrying messages, thieving cattle and guiding souls on their final journey. Sweetly sings the lyre as the player’s fingers caress and dance over its strings and the melodious tune wafts from the shepherd’s pipe, drifting softly over hill and pasture while the fire stick brings warmth and light.

To you, Hermes, quick-thinking inventor, hail! I will remember you and another song also.

Hymn #9 To Plouton

Fair Muses, begin to sing of Plouton, quiet lord of the underworld, kindly host of many.
Gracious one, you provide wealth and bounty. The riches of the earth and the keeping of mortal souls are among your domain. Well-guarded is your kingdom, that only spirits of the departed may enter upon their last journey, and but a few gods. Together with Persephone, fair queen, you preside over your melancholy realm.

Hail to you, Plouton, ruler of Earth’s bounty! I  will remember you and another song also.

(Hymn #8 appears here.)

Hymn # 7 To Asteria as Delos

Sing, clear-voiced Muses of shining Asteria, daughter of bright Phoibe who fell from the sky and dwelled beneath the sea until far-wandering Leto came to give birth. Then, blessed star-goddess, you rose from the deep to become Delos, obscure wave-tossed island, that your sister may have respite from her forced wanderings. She swore by the Styx that did you welcome her son’s birth on your soil, you would enjoy great renown. There, many goddesses gathered while Iris the storm-footed fetched Eilythia and Hera’s rage was calmed by Zeus. Then, with a great cry, golden Apollo was born and a temple was built. Four pillars rose up from the sea-floor to hold you fast, no longer to be tossed about by the waves and men brought great sacrifices to your shores. Greatest of the Cyclades, a boat does not pass in your sight without stopping to offer homage at your temple!

To you, Asteria, hail! I will remember you and another song also.

Hymn #6  To Hekate, Iris and Hermes

Begin my song, oh Muses, to three who traverse the boundaries,
walking always between the world of the gods on Olympus, man on Earth and the souls dwelling beyond the River Styx, sing of three who travel far and carry messages of gods and mortal man.

Sing first, sweet-voiced Muses of delicate Hekate, whom Asteria bore, bright-coiffed maiden, favored of Zeus who accompanies Persephone. Generous are you, torch-bearing goddess, when men offer rich sacrifices in your name!

And sing, oh Muse of Iris the storm-footed who treads along the rainbow, carrier of the waters of the Styx upon which the gods swear their oaths, mother of desire who fetched Eiliythia to Delos, Great-Winged wondrous one who replenishes the rain clouds from the waters of the sea, privileged are those in your presence to behold a vision of beauty!

And Muses, sing now of the son of Zeus who bears the golden staff, swift and boundless Hermes who hears and carries messages, clever one who stole away the Far-Shooter’s cattle, luck-bringing god of chance who speeds between all realms. Keeper of herds, sweet is the song that sounds from the lyre, your invention and too, from the pipes which you play!

To you, Hekate, Iris and Hermes, hail! Heed our prayers and grant your blessings to this rite!

Hymn #5 To Iris

Fair-voiced Muses, begin to sing of Storm-Footed Iris, Messenger of Heaven who travels swiftly. Oh wondrous one, born of Thaumas and Elektra, your presence is known when the rainbow graces the heavens with its fleeting colors as you race from Olympus to the world of man. Quick-running goddess clad in a thousand hues, twin to faint Arke, blessed are your golden wings which carry you and the divine messages in your charge!

To you, rainbow goddess, hail! Be gracious, Aellopus and look upon this rite with favor.

Hymn #4 To Hypnos and Morpheus
Begin, lovely Muse to sing of Hypnos who dwells beyond the gates of dawn, bearer of the opium poppy who grants rest to mortals. And to Morpheus, shaper of dreams who brings messages in sleep

To you, winged sons of Night, I pray be generous with your blessings!

Hymn #3 To Eos, Goddess of the Dawn

I begin my song to Eos, yellow-robed bringer of the first light who dispels the darkness as you ascend the sky from the river Okheanos. Immortal Bright One, Mother of the four winds, early-rising and radiant goddess grant your new-born light to the Earth and honor to my song!

To you, brilliant goddess of the heavens borne on golden wings, hail! Morning has come and I will remember you and another song as well.

Hymn #2 To Nyx and Erebos and their offspring

To deep Nyx I begin my song, heavenly queen who wears the stars like jewels and masks the dazzling light of day. Sweet Muses, sing also of dark Erebos, misty obscuring one, and of the joining of Night and Darkness which brought forth the Moirai, strong grey-clad goddesses who spin the thread of birth and death, and Hypnos- winged god of sleep who loved beautiful Endymion, and of Morpheus who brings dreams to men.

To you, Darkness and Night and your divine sons and daughters, Hail! I remember you and another song also.

Hymn #1, To Khaos

Fair-voiced Muses, begin my song of Khaos, first and oldest of all,
Dark void of the beginning, vast origin from which all life emerged so long ago in time before time, She who bore Gaia, Mother and Provider to all and Eros whose domain is generation of man. Of you I sing, infinite one of whom dark, misty Erebos was born, and deep-bodied Nyx, whose mantle is dusted with stars.

And so hail to you, Khaos, giver of first life! I will remember you and another song as well.