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Quick Note

I was going to wait tuntil I was (reasonably) finished to post about this…but since I made some other minor changes, I decided to just go ahead and mention it all. I now have a recommended reading page (my links will eventually be moved from the front page to this page, it’s starting to look a little cluttered here for my liking. My blog roll, however, will remain where it is.) This page is still under construction. Once I’m finished, I will add a request for any suggestions.

I have also added a link for anyone who is interested to add my blog RSS feed to their Dreamwidth reading page (I have had such a link for Livejournal for quite some time now.)

I’ve also started to rewrite my “about” page, but it’s not finished just yet.

That’s all for now.

New Blog

In the interest of keeping this blog in devotion to Apollo, I’ve started a new one for other, mostly religious sort of writing, including the development of a few writing projects that I have in mind. So, if it should interest you, please check out and feel free to add Presque Vu.

To Clarify.

Regarding this post about the new hellenistai.com forum:

It has recently been brought to my attention that I am deliberately misleading people into thinking that Hellenismos and Hellenic reconstruction are inclusive of such things as ADF’s Hellenic kin, Hellenic Wicca, and  sundry other things which are in fact not Hellenic reconstruction.

I apologize. Perhaps I am sorely mistaken in my belief that my post clearly conveyed that the forum was for Hellenic reconstructionists, and others of varying degrees of Hellenic interest (“It’s basically aimed at anyone with any sort of Hellenic religious interest from the pure Hellenic reconstructionists to the Hellenic-inspired neopagans to Greco-something else syncretists.”) but I have yet to hear of any confusion on this from anyone else so I was under the impression that the rest of the world understood what I was saying. Oh, boy- look at that egg on my face!

I would very much like to respond to that individual on the forum where this was said, however the owner of said forum has so far not seen fit to activate the account which I registered several days ago. So I am clarifying myself here, and will respond at more length to this individual’s other comments on that forum over on Damn Pagans.

I am certainly not in the business of attempting to mislead people into believing that they practice a religion that they might not in fact practice. It’s not particularly fun, there really isn’t much profit in it and it causes so many headaches much like this one. It’s really quite inconvenient and therefore really not worth wasting time that I could have been doing important things like re-ordering my Netflix queue. (In case you missed it, that was sarcasm and therefore not to be taken seriously. Just pointing that out preemptively so that I don’t find myself needing to make another “clarification” post.)

I’m honestly completely unclear how my statement could be taken to mean “Hellenic neopaganism=Hellenic reconstruction”- even if you take your glasses off and squint really hard through the fog, but clearly someone very talented has managed to sniff it out. A gold star to you, Mister Alexander.

New Hellenic Web Forum

Well RJ over at Urban Hellenistos decided to make himself a Hellenic web forum.  Asked me to be moderator so he could slack off.

What does that mean?

That, my dear readers means that yours truly is going crazy stickying threads and compiling lists of links and ancient hymns and stuff.  So go “ooh” and “ahh” over my efforts already.

Oh, um, and RJ might have something to do with it too.  I think this is going to be a rather cool forum.  It’s basically aimed at anyone with any sort of Hellenic religious interest from the pure Hellenic reconstructionists to the Hellenic-inspired neopagans to Greco-something else syncretists. And we’ve got a sense of humor about ourselves too. So come check it out.Doesn’t matter if you’re so new you’ve never even heard of Homer, or you’ve been around the block a few times, it’s turning out really well so far and it’s only been a few days.


I probably will not be posting anything for another week here. In about an hour, I will leave work. From there, I will go home and do a few last minute things, collect my bags and my girlfriend and be off to the train station for Christmas travel to Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. I’ll be in PA til Friday, where I will have internet access, though probably won’t make much use of it. In Massachusetts from Friday til Monday, I will not be getting on the internet. Hope everyone has a merry Christmas or a happy non-celebratory Thursday, whatever your preference.

Should I?

I’ve been debating with myself for a while now as to just how much I want to post here. I created this blog for discussing my religion, including the more personal, not so conventional stuff.

I used to write everything on my Live Journal, right out there in the open…and then some things veered off in very unexpected directions, so I filtered things- lightly at first, just a few particular posts. Then last spring, I inadvertently got into some nasty Intarwebz Drah-mah(tm) and very quickly started locking down all but the more conventional stuff. The headaches ended pretty quickly for me, but my girlfriend ended up getting picked on pretty nastily for a while.

I created this blog quite a few months after that passed, intending to talk more openly about Teh Cray-Zee as it came up, even wrote up a little disclaimer informing the world that I do, in fact, see a Qualified Mental Health Professional (TM) on a regular basis, who is familiar with my religious beliefs, practices and experiences, and despite all this, he’s yet to tell me that I’m delusional or making it all up or just wanting to feel like Speshul Snowflake, so if anyone wants to make that call and feels that they’re more qualified than the therapist that I see, I’ll be happy to refer them to him.

Well, there are intentions for what to do when something happens…and then things actually happen. For the first time since I created this blog, I’ve had something that I consider big enough to call into question. Do I post it or don’t I?

And earlier tonight, I was talking to a friend about just this and the conflict that I felt between not wanting to deal with what some people might say, and actually wanting to write about this. Knowing that my particular understanding of Apollo is pretty uncommon and if for no other reason than that, feeling a certain obligation to write about it, and about my experiences, hoping to draw out others with similar views, and to make my own sense of it.

I’m going to write about it here. Hopefully I won’t feel the need to question it again. This is mine and this is about Him and for Him.